Our Worship

mpj028934600001_medWe strive to worship in a manner that is God-focused rather than man-focused. This means that we carefully order our worship so that the whole congregation joins together in singing God’s praises, confessing our sins, and speaking God’s word to glorify His Name and not to entertain ourselves. Therefore our worship is vibrant and alive, heartfelt praise with the purpose of pleasing our Father in Heaven as He sits on His Throne. Here is an overview of what you will see at Foundation Church.

We believe that our worship should be orderly (I Cor 14:40), thus our worship is structured, designed to be a beautiful offering of praise to the Father.

We believe we should pray together (Eph 6:18), therefore we pray corporately for God’s blessing.

We believe we are called by God to seek forgiveness for our offenses against Him (I John 1:9), so we declare the Gospel and confess our sins as a people.

We believe God has given us music to give Him praise and for our instruction (Eph 5:19), thus we sing psalms hymns and spiritual songs.

We believe God gave the Church doctrines so that we might know Him and live in victory (Rom 6:17), therefore we confess the historic creeds and learn through expository preaching.

Lastly, our worship is an invitation by God to commune with Him (Matt 26:26-29), therefore each week we celebrate Communion together at the Lord’s Table.


We are a covenant people, a community of disciples, united in one body through Jesus Christ. We sing together, pray together, and consider the Word together. As we sing, pray, and confess our faith, we encourage one another to do so with enthusiasm in heart and voice as we look beyond the words on the page to seek the will of the Lord.


Scripture clearly teaches that children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is His reward. We believe we are to bring up our children in the Lord’s nurture and admonition and not our own nurture and admonition. Our children are also Christ’s disciples (under His discipline) and so they worship God with us. Yes, it is true this requires greater effort and patience by the parents to train the children to learn self control and how to participate in worship, but the church body is very understanding and supportive in achieving this goal. It is a joy to see our little ones participating in the worship of God.

The Celebration of the Lord’s Supper

We celebrate communion every Sunday. All disciples, regardless of denominational affiliation, are encouraged to come in repentance and faith. The Table of the Lord is a time of thanksgiving and covenant renewal, where we, as a united body, commune with one another and the risen Christ. Baptized children are welcome at this Table with their parents because we believe the Bible teaches that this meal is for the family of faith, the Church – and the Church as the disciples of Christ includes the baptized children, who are also disciples.

The Covenant Sign of Baptism

In accordance with God’s word we practice water baptism as a sign of the covenant God has made with us. We do not believe or teach the mere physical act of baptism saves anyone, but rather baptism marks the recipient as a disciple of Christ, a covenant member, a member of the visible Church, and therefore a partaker of the covenant promises of the household of God. The salvation that is promised in the covenant is appropriated by faith when one is born again by the work of the Holy Spirit. These promises are for the believer, his children and his children’s children even as many as the Lord our God will call and add to His church by His grace.

Church Government

The scriptures identify two offices in the Church, bishops and deacons (1 Tim 3:1-13) and the term “elder” (presbyter in the Greek) is just another name for the office of bishop (Titus 1:5-9). The bishops/elders/presbyters rule in the Church and this is the form of church government to which we ascribe. These officers are gifts to the Church identified by Christ and recognized and called by the congregation. The elders rule as a governing board called the Session and the deacons minister to the physical needs of the people.